Back on the Camino, section3 and it’s June 2010

The only blip in our trip out to France was the fact that I left my jacket in the car, must have been all the excitement! All three of us, yes a change from previous times, flew to Rodez which was familiar territory and we got a taxi to the wonderful Conques. Teresa and I were feeling very excited about showing Christine around.

Same hotel and all the memories instantly came flooding back. It was lovely as the beer didn’t have to wait till we’d walked miles and miles, we could have one now.

Chris and Teresa soak up that ‘Conques’ atmosphere.

There were more shops open this time, well it is in the season as opposed to being at the end of it. I bought a bracelet for a friend’s birthday and some other bits and pieces. Very tempted by the ceramics and no guarantee that it would get back to the UK in one piece so I’ll better leave it. May call in the summer on our way south from the house.

Standing in one of the city gateways

Those wonderful medieval buildings across from the Abbey

Looking towards our route tomorrow. Why is it always up?

Wonderful dinner of salad, then aligot and sausage followed by creme brulee. Had a wander after and then just as we were about to put the light out we realised that there was a potential disaster ready to happen as water coming through the bathroom ceiling. It was all averted, people above had left bath running or something.

Enough excitement for one night!


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