Camino 2013, here we come.

Relaxed morning in Bayonne after a brilliant nights sleep, we slept for about 11 hrs, amazing. Perhaps it was the early start or more likely the wonderful wine in the Karaf wine bar!!

As we didn’t have to check out till 11.30, we went out for breakfast, bought our train tickets and some wonderful freshly made sandwiches for the train journey. Now we’re on the intercity train which goes to Toulouse, we get out at Tarbes and from there get a bus to Aire sur Adour. Haven’t a clue when that leaves, apparently it’s another 1 hr 15 mins journey.

Yesterday was all about getting to France again, today it feels as if the journey has begun, we’re both getting excited about what is in store. We’ve Started reliving past sections.

This is the last full section in France and that has us full of mixed feelings. It will be great to have reached the half way mark but leaving our beloved France makes us sad. France is about wonderful food and scenery and the great people we’ve come across so not having that any more will be weird. Guess on our path we are now getting ready to step outside our comfort zone a into the unknown of Spain. It’s a country we both love and we’re looking forward to the food but we know it will be busier, at least on the first section. Also with the history of walking not being as established as in France, we both fear long straight sections near major roads. Time will tell.

The blue has disappeared from the sky again but not for long, “heather weather” will be there for us tomorrow.

It’s now 9.15 p.m and we are settled back into the hotel in Aire sur Adour that we stayed in last year. Thankfully the. Heat is now on, what a terrible thing to say at the end of April but it is a little chilled and sadly raining again. I am happy for it to rain all night but tomorrow dry please.

Our train journey took us through Paul which wasn’t in mountains as much as I thought it would be and also through Lourdes where we had a great view of an amazing cathedral with a massive gold crown outside, looked well worth a visit but not today.

We arrived in Tarbes just gone 2.00 and our bus out was due to leave at 4.20 so we settled ourselves in the buffet in the station enjoying chocolate chard and tea and then Grimbergen Printemps beer which was gorgeous and Teresa had a red wine. I dozed on the bus journey and now it’s time to doze again.



Bags all packed for the morning, breakfast ordered for 7.00 and we plan to get off about 8.00 as we have 20 miles to cover and a taxi to meet at 5.00 p.m. which will take us to where we are staying tomorrow night, more news then and a few aches limbs no doubt!


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