Can’t stop walking

Came back from France on Thursday 12th arriving home about 8.00 in the evening and by Saturday 14th Teresa and I were out again with the East End Girls on a 10 mile walk. You can catch up with that on our East End Girls blog.

Then on Sunday the theme was still walking but this time on the big screen. Not wanting to miss ‘The Way’ Teresa and I met up in Islington where we went to the Vue cinema where (apart from another couple) we had Martin Sheen all to ourselves as he walked the Camino de Santiago – all be it only from the French/Spanish border. Have a look yourself –

It was so lovely to get an idea of what the path in Spain might be like and to see some of the wonderful sights but of course poetic or film license allows some of what might not be realistic to happen, it does add to a film, which without the interaction of the characters, might appear a little flat and uninteresting. For those of us walking it, there’s very little flat and it’s the thoughts and perceptions which are very hard to capture but which make it the wonderful journey that it is…and the people of course. Teresa, I could not do it without you and what about all those great people who we’ve had the great fortune to share time with.

If we could do two sections next year, we could be at the border. Something to seriously consider.


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