Food for thought….

This blog has sporadic postings mainly because much as Teresa and I would love to be walking it continuously, life dictates that we do it in sections and at present that means once a year.  So as the next section beckons, I fund myself re-reading all the past postings and experiencing many emotions.

There was relief that 3 sections in we have never had to drown each other out with those ipods mentioned in blog number one. Joy and hilarity as just reading words and looking at photos reminded me of the great times and the funny things that had happened.  

Would you want to get on the wrong side of this lady on the right?

Respect for Mark and his experience of walking from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago in one go but also gratitude that we have all of those wonderful sights and experiences ahead of us. Gratitude also for Ann at World Walks who books all our accommodation and arranges for our baggage to be taken from place to place so we can do it the easier way – we’ve roughed it enough in the past.  And of course excitement for what’s ahead as we walk from Cahors to Lectoure.

The view as we walked down into Cahors on the final day of section 3

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