‘Go Mark’ – have a great trip

This cool dude is my good friend Mark and I’ve mentioned him before, a few posts ago when talking about the Camino. I’m not 100% sure which day Mark actually starts the Camino but what I do know is that the adventure started on Sunday Sept 7th when he left Minneapolis en route to Paris. as he says in his blog – http://blog.smallbusinesssuccess.com/ ‘The only two details for the trip are my flight from Minneapolis to Paris and from Madrid to Minneapolis on October 13th. Everything else gets figured out along the way.’

And perhaps that’s no bad thing. One of the fun things about a trip like this is going with the flow and just seeing what happens.

To quote from one of Mark’s earlier posts:- ‘Not long ago, a friend asked me why I was walking the Camino. I really have no clue. My brother, John, has a friend who walked it after retiring from teaching and that’s how I found about it. It sounded like something pretty cool to do. Upon further reflection, I am guessing there is something I need to learn and something I need to let go of. Pretty simple, really. My brother, Gottfried Ransmayr, from Vienna just walked it in July. My friends, Jim and Nancy Burke, walked part of it several years ago. A waitress I know if La Jolla walked it when she was 16. Something profound will happen.’

From my own experience, I know that people walk for many different reasons and get many different things from their walking. We may glean some of what Mark is getting along the way but be assured, I shall catch up with him at the end and will let you know how his experience has affected him.

Here’s Mark the night before he left sporting his new look.

The shaved head will, to quote Mark, ‘make the trip a little easier and will save on shampoo. I wonder what I will look like after five weeks of not shaving.’

Check in with Mark’s blog yourself if you wish but I will be bringing you updates and following his progress carefully as Teresa and I set out on our section on October 2nd.


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  1. Darlene says:

    I'm so jealous! I had never heard of this before, so I've done some research using your links and others. Sounds like a GREAT trip. I think I'll plan on heading out there one day. I'm starting to write out a list of marathons and treks, so I will definitely add this.

    I'm looking forward to both your and Mark's updates!

  2. Heather Waring says:


    I and one of my East End Girls are heading out to do 4 days walking on the first part on October 2nd. Can't wait.

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