Life on the Camino

How lovely to turn my computer this morning and find an email from my friend Mark who is walking the Camino in France and Spain:-

This is how he’s getting on.

“Well, I have walked over 50 miles and have 450 to go. If the first four full days of walking are any indication, then this will shape up to be the most incredible experience of my life. The country is beautiful, the walk is serene and my body is screaming in pain. I now have an intimate relationship with every muscle in my body, mostly hips, legs, and feet. I did get a bad blister on my right foot on day three and this morning woke up and had the privilege of walking 12 miles on this bad boy. I have met some amazing people on the path from Korea, Germany, Canada and many other countries and finally met a guy named Brian from Seattle. There are walkers from all over the world, but only two from the United States. The refugios (refugee camps for walkers) have all been wonderful, clean and hospitable. The other night I was in a room with 116 cots. What a symphony of sounds! I over packed and have ditched a lot of stuff.
Already I have learned much and will turn in for the night. Tomorrow is a 13 mile walk.”Love from the Camino, Mark

I am so excited about getting started myself. Got to sort the Eurostar situation out first as a result of the fire in the tunnel. With the present timetable, our ticket will not get us to Paris in time to pick up connections.


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