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10th full day of walking

Today is my 10th full day of walking and I am averaging about 13 miles a day. It is the most amazing experience of my life and I thank God everyday for the privilege of walking this walk. On the walk it is said that you do not choose the Camino, the Camino chooses you. It is also said that it takes about ten days for your body to acclimate, then the next ten days are rather spiritual, and the last ten days are for sorting out a path for the rest of your life. This morning I was up early and out of the refugio by 7ish and now stopped in a bar in Ciruena, on my way to Santo Domingo de la Calzada. The Spanish culture is inspired and I have been fortunate to see many beautiful and old churches and castles. The food is great and Coke is now the nectar of the Gods. It´s amazing how great a coke tastes on the Camino. The path is a variety of terrains and you get blisters in the oddest places. Whatever pain I have experienced has been hard but manageable. I have seen the running of the bulls in Viana. Well, I need to be on my way. Thank you for your posts. It means a lot. Love from the Camino, Mark

I just love Mark’s updates and find myself searching the email every few days for more news. He sounds as if he’s having a great time, should have senmt him my blister tips though – bet he’s not using Vaseline!!


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