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Yes, the date is April 25th and we head to Lectoure to pick up where we left off in May 2011 and walk another section of our beloved walk.

It’s a rather early start, plane from Gatwick at 6.30, be there for 4.30 but the exciting part is always going so we’ll chill in Costa, grab breakfast and natter ten to the dozen about what’s in store for us. The days are shorter than on the last section so not so much exhaustion and a little more time to explore, I hope.

When I got bored the other day I did a little research and this is what I found:

La Romieu, the place we walk to on the first day has a wonderful collegiate church and there are loads of photos on a website re cats and I discovered the following – “Although you probably won’t miss them, I still must point out the various cat scupltures that are placed in different spots in the village.It would be a good idea to wander slowly through the narrow streets not only to get a better feel of the village but to find these” Well there’s a task for us. We’ll be up for it after only 12 miles.

Condom after 10 miles and a cathedral, two castles and Condom is known for the production of Armagnac. Well it might be quite a night!!

Montreal-du-gers an ancient walled town founded in the thirteenth century on the site of a former Roman fortified camp. Thirteenth century is to see, beautiful houses and one of “most beautiful villages in France” More Armagnac…..oh help!!

Eauze – cathedral, market on a Thursday morning and not a lot else.

Nogaro – small Gascony town renowned, however, for its motorsport race track, called the Circuit Paul Armagnac. Created in 1055 by Saint Austinde, Auch Archibishop. It was an area of refuge, where people could not be arrested and where wars were forbidden. Called Nugarolium, which means ‘the walnut tree town’ and developed around the Saint Nicolas collegial, which still exists. Important stop in the Saint Jacques de Compostelle walkway.

Aire-sur-Adour lies on the river Adour in the wine area of southwest France. Fancy market place like in the place with the lovely hotel last time which I cannot remember. The town has a twice weekly market that is said to be one of the best in the region, and possibly even one of the best in France, so don’t miss the opportunity to check it our for yourself, don’t know when it’s on though. The Cathedral of Jean-Baptiste is impressive, the old church with its massive crypt and the amphitheatre where the bullfighting takes place. Very popular in this area.

Can’t wait.


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