The Camino

Last year in November, I met Mark at a dinner. He was the president of the National Speakers Association in the states and my husband was about to take over as president of the Professional Speakers Association in the UK. We chatted over dinner, lots of which was about walking as Mark had decided to walk the Camino in September 2008.

On September 7th he leaves the USA to start this exciting journey and on Oct 2nd I start on the French part of it with my fellow East End Girl, Teresa.

Today, Mark sent me some You tube links which have really got me in the mood. If you haven’t a clue what the Camino is then have a look here:-

and if you want more inspiration, try this one:-

There was a line in video 2 that I loved – ‘we are all walkers on the Camino of life’ and how true that is.


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  1. Darlene says:

    This was really inspiring. Thanks for the links – I'd never heard of this before! I can't wait to see your pictures!

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