This time tomorrow….

The ‘to do’ list is getting smaller as I tick off all the things in my attempt to get an early night. Off really early in the morning for a 6.30 flight to Toulouse from Gatwick. So excited though, just love this walk.

We’ll be staying in the hotel tomorrow night that we finished at last section so it’s good to know that we might have time for a leisurely drink on the terrace as opposed to staggering through the door at 6.45 last time, exhausted after 20 miles and needing to shower in record time for dinner at 7.30!

This time tomorrow evening, I’ll be wending my weary way to bed after a lovely meal knowing that a wonderful day of walking awaits.



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  1. Ruth K says:

    Have a great time breathing in all that fresh air, stomping forwards into unchartered territory and tickling your taste buds with french delights. Can’t wait to read all about it… fav restaurant is called Camino so this blog is great. Cheerio. Love and no blisters!


    • Heather says:

      Lots of unchartered territory, lots of delicious food, lots and lots of mud….you’ll read and see all about it on the blog. Where is your fav restaurant, would love to try that one. No blisters…

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