Tomorrow is the big day!!

It’s the day that Mark finishes the Camino and walks into Santiago, look out for the final posting but to whet your appetite, here is the latest blogs from Thursday.

My moment of truth

Posted: 09 Oct 2008 02:10 PM CDTMonday Evening

It is impossible to make it from Ruitelan to Samos in one day. You will be lucky to make it to Triacastela. These were the words going through my mind as I approached the mountain top village of O´Cebreiro. Last night at dinner they laughed at me when I said I wanted to go 42 kilometers (which would be my biggest day so far) on Monday. Luis, the refugio director told me I would be lucky to make it to Triacastela and that was only 31 kilometers. I guess they thought the morning climb to the top of the mountain and the descending walk would be too difficult. 

We pilgrims, had been talking about this climb for over two weeks, so I knew it would be difficult. I wanted to make it to Samos and stay with the monks at the ancient Benedictine monastery I had heard about. When all of a sudden, I rounded a bend and froze in my tracks. About 40 yards in front of me, a large wolf was staring me down. I had heard about the possibility of a wolf sighting, but they were quite rare. I had no options except two trekking poles. Could I really defend myself from a wolf with trekking poles? The wolf started towards me. Was my will updated? When the wolf was about ten yards away, I said, “Hola!” It kept coming and I raised my spear. It just wanted to be petted. Turns out it was a large dog that looked like a wolf. I had a good laugh at that one and kept on smiling as I walked into Triacastela. 

Lucky to make it to Triacastela. I just heard the dinner bell, so have to sign off for now. I heard the monks at Samos get mad when you are late for dinner. 

Mark LeBlanc

477 miles walked and only 23 to go!
Posted: 09 Oct 2008 02:23 PM CDT

Well, it´s almost over. I am in Arzua right now and just about to retire for the evening. We only have one more full day of walking and I should make it to Monte de Gozo in the late afternoon. I will stop there for sure and walk the last six kilometers on Saturday morning. My feet, ankles, and legs feel like a million bucks. It´s a good thing, since my calves and hips are killing me. The last few days I have met some great people from Brazil, Spain, England, Austria, Ireland and Italy and we have been walking, eating, and drinking together. It will be quite a celebration on Saturday night and Sunday. There is a festival on Sunday in Santiago and everyone is talking about the special Mass at noon. On Sunday night I will fly to Madrid and fly out of Madrid on Monday morning at 6:00 a.m.

Monte de Gozo is the City of Joy, and I will celebrate all of the wonderful people who have supported me and been there for me in my work and in my life. Thank you!
Mark LeBlanc


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