What dreams are made of

Posted: 05 Oct 2008 11:58 AM CDT

As it turns out, I gave you my marching orders for the perfect day. Today is what dreams are all about. I left Ponferrada late morning and had the best stage of the entire Camino. The weather was perfect, the landscape surreal and it was harvest day for grape growers. I walked through acres of grape fields and saw groups of people picking grapes everywhere. Farmers were bringing loads of green and purple grapes into the wineries by the truck and trailer load. As I walked through one small village around 3:00 p.m. a Spanish man stopped me and asked me if I wanted to take a break with his family and have a glass of wine. The only word I understood was vino. Who could resist? I took my backpack off and joined them as they took a break from harvest and shared a glass of wine. And then when he offered another one, I held out my glass. He laughed and poured me a larger glass. I took his picture and went on my way. This was one of those days, that if you were walking with someone you loved and who loved you, it might be the best day of you life.
Mark LeBlanc http://www.SmallBusinessSuccess.com

I wouldn’t have minded being part of that day and perhaps I should be aware of the timing when Teresa and I plan that bit of the walk…….might get a glass of wine offered.


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